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    with high thermal, electronic and mechanical constraints.

Who are we ?

Established since 1993, Oktès is a major French player in supporting R&D and R&T teams, for the success of their industrial projects.

Our teams work for consulting, expertise, engineering, both in favor of major international groups, as small national structures.

Our engineers, senior experts and experienced technicians are passionate, complementary and aware of new technologies

Our expertise is focused on three types of activities:

- Thermal analysis of electronic systems through thermal and fluid simulations, using CFD tools (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

- An electronic engineering department to put ahead our expertise in electronic design (libraries creation, schematic capture, pcb design layout).

- Mechanical and mechatronics engineering: 3D / 2D Design - Mechanical calculations.

Our main business areas: Aeronautics, Drones, Energy, Heavy Industry, Medical, Military, Multimedia, Oceanography, Telecommunications, Transport...

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Vibration test bench

Rigid bench to be mounted on a vibrating bowl to test the maturity of the design against the specifications.


Non-intrusive Fuel Gauge Bench

Design of a bench as part of a European project to demonstrate the feasibility and technical constraints of ultrasonic gauging. Ultrasonic gauging is a non-intrusive…


Tools for measuring “wafers”

Design of a more powerful tool for the automatic measurement of “wafers”.


Tools for optimizing production time

The tools designed and proposed has been selected. Its finalization and prototyping were carried out in collaboration with our final customer. It has significantly reduced…


Magnetic Bench

Design and manufacture of a bench according to the scientific concept of Helmholtz coils. This type of coil is used in physics to create near-uniform…


Printed circuit board bench

Design and manufacture of a bench for CI.


Electronic card test bench

Realization of a PCB test bench.


Model of validation of sealing in deep immersion

As part of a project, we built a model to remove a risk identified during the design phase of the product. The function to be…


Help to design the ASES project of ERYMA

We helped ERYMA company, an expert in security solutions, on its innovative project ASES. We have designed the  product/packaging in collaboration, sized by calculations, while optimizing costs (Design to…


Slitter optical fiber

Oktès design in collaboration with the customer an optical fiber reel to gain cost and autonomy.


Test bench for the characterization of bio fuels for aeronautic

Oktès work in the development of tools for bioenergy of the aircraft of the future.

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Oriented training 100% jobs to become the industrial player of tomorrow

  • Mechanical Design (MCAD)
  • Electronic CAD (ECAD)
  • Thermal simulation

- Training based jobs by professionals in activity.

- Jobs tricks to improve performance.

- Direct return on investment in job concerned.

- Modular trainings according to your expectations and your job level.

- Trainers, true experts in their field.

- Trainings with customized support over time.

- Training for project.

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