Electronic design

  • Job expertise. PCB Layout design
  • Expedition, Mentor BoardStation, Cadence, Cadstar, Altium, CR5000, Pads, Orcad, Visula.

Components placement & PCB Layout design :
– Analysis & assistance for writing of specifications.
– Creation & Management of library.
– Management from layout to industrialization.
– Analysis of existing electrical layout and return to the designer (if necessary).
– Entry (if necessary).
– Analysis & creation of the isolation constraints (CES = Constraint Editor System).
– Integration of mechanical constraints and design rules.
– Control (implantation/routing) of simple PCB to multi layers, rigid, flex, power boards, hardened electronics durcie…
– Industrialization files.
– BGA, RF, fast signals routing…
– Control of manager tool of constraints of each software.
– Control of industrial process.

Expertise & Analysis of existing routing of boards following design rules and initial specifications :
– Identification of possible causes of malfunction of a PCB.
– Optimization of PCB routing according to different constraints (Cost, indus, obsolescence, etc.)
– Guidelines and recommendations on PCB routing to improve CAD step.

Support on printed circuit board prototyping (manufacture, cabling, components) with a pole of partners :
– Speed and responsiveness (reactivity).

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